• We will start with a focus on this gentle stream where the most people can contribute. This is your chance to help us to help the community. Documentation is never finished and requires regular “gardening” to remain accurate and current. Find out how anybody can suggest or contribute improvements. We will also work on the error message Wikis for JHOVE and veraPDF to offer better explanations for problems reported by JHOVE and veraPDF.

  • In this track, we’ll look at ways to extend the functionality of OPF’s tools. veraPDF supports the addition of custom policy checks via XML Schematron rules. It’s also possible to write veraPDF plugins to run other tools on content found in PDFs, for example, fonts and images. JHOVE supports the addition of custom modules to handle new file formats. We’ll be looking at how to write these and how to share them with the community.

  • This track will focus on how OPF packages and distributes its software. We’ll be working to make it easier for people and organisations to install and use our tools. We’ll be looking at using Docker and other containerisation technologies to package our tools and their dependencies.